Technical Feature
◆ Steel-based motion platform, stable operation
◆ High labeling accuracy:±0.05mm
◆ Display and save pressure data in real time
◆ Precision quality control
Mounting Head
◆ Variable Production method, standard Nozzle
12 Nozzle heads≥10000 CPH
6 Nozzle heads ≥6000 CPH
3 Nozzle heads ≥3000 CPH
◆ Product material: paper, plastic, protective film, and thin foam
◆ Compatible with paper rolls
Labelling Machine
Label Stripper
Label Printer
Tray Feeder (Sheet Material)
Adaptive Labelling
◆ Different labels can be loaded at the same time
Thermal Label Paper
Conductive tape
Thin Foam (PORON)
Technical Feature
◆ High-precision X-Y-Z axis, linear motor and closed-loop control
◆ CCD visual integration; automatically track and dispense glue after capture; with barcode scanning function
◆ Optional spray dispensing valve, screw valve, cutting valve; double-valve synchronous dispensing
◆ Heating system (preheating, workpiece heating, post-heating)
◆ Weighing system (automatic control of dispensing volume)
CCD Track Dispensing
◆ Precise color CCD track dispensing to ensure quality
◆ Automatic MARK positioning
◆ Coaxial and circular combined light source enhances the reliability of identification in different environments
◆ Support laser height measurement

Dispensing Style
◆ Dispensing pattern: point, straight line, arc, round, square and continuous glue
◆ Track interchangeable
Compatible With Various Adhesives
◆ EMI conductive adhesive, UV adhesive, AB adhesive, instant adhesive
◆ Epoxy resin, sealant, hot glue, grease
◆ Silver glue, red glue, solder paste, thermal grease, solder paste, transparent paint
Irregular Inserts
◆ Precision:±0.02mm;Speed:2.5s/pcs (Blind);3.5s/pcs (Sensor)
◆ Smart feeder, tool head, clamp, suction cup optional
◆ Sensors: Abnormal insert check, pressure check, and assembling height check
◆ Automatic head switchover
Mobile Phone Assembly
Battery Assembly
PCB Cover Assembly
Motor Assembly
Camera Assembly
Placement and Size Measurement
Guide the machine hand to precisely pick up or put down the component ; modify calculation and calibration.
Non-contact measurement, high precision
Defect Check
Check defects such as dirt, scratch, hole and other impurities. Fast and non-stop operation.
Testing Technology
ICT: A test on electric performance and connection of inline PCBA elements.
FCT: Get each status parameter from the simulated running environment offered by UUT (load and stimulating) and verify functions of products.
Shield Box
Load device
Digital Information Management System
◆ Dynamic statistics of output, yield and UPH
◆ Real-time display of running status and alarm message
◆ Traceable information
Brands Applied






Belt Monitor
◆ Flexible and precise: Combine such functions as CCD, clamp, suck, self-adapt unit, buckle, poke and catch as a whole
◆ Precise, non-standard and irregular placement
◆ One-time processing capabilities to enhance overall quality.
◆ Overall processing of non-standard workpieces
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