Aluminum Plastic Blister Packaging Machine

Fully automatic feeding, upper mold and sealing film. UPH reaches 2000~12000, and is highly compatible with plastic packaging film packaging equipment.


◆ PVC plastic automatic molding, automatic feeding of products, heat sealing of aluminum foil, automatic detection of leaks, automatic rejection of defective products;

◆ The feeding forming die is quick-change compatible, the package length and size are adjustable, the replacement product is convenient, and the maintenance is simple;

Technical Advantages

◆ High precision

Robot repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm

◆ High efficiency

Mechanical transmission, unmanned beats improve efficiency

 High quality

Feeding, loading, testing, and cutting are completely done by equipment to improve the quality of parts.

◆ Flexible adjustment process

Quickly change process and modify production by modifying programs and fixtures

◆ Production data management

Product production data is uploaded to the database in real time, providing production reports and EMS interfaces.

◆ Modular configuration of equipment

Modular assembly and custom equipment according to different production process requirements

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