Technical Feature
◆ Steel-based motion platform, stable operation
◆ High labeling accuracy:±0.05mm
◆ Display and save pressure data in real time
◆ Precision quality control
Mounting Head
◆ Variable Production method, standard Nozzle
12 Nozzle heads ≥10000 CPH
6 Nozzle heads ≥6000 CPH
3 Nozzle heads ≥3000 CPH
◆ Product material: paper, plastic, protective film, and thin foam
◆ Compatible with paper rolls
Labelling Machine
Label Stripper
Label Printer
Tray Feeder (Sheet Material)
Adaptive Labelling
◆ Different labels can be loaded at the same time
Thermal Label Paper
Conductive tape
Thin Foam (PORON)
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